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I’d say my story has equal parts happiness and struggle, although with the birth of our first son the struggle now seems so distant.  I consider myself pretty boring but I’ve been told by others that they think I’m inspirational, which I find extremely flattering but mostly undeserved.  I am a cancer survivor but that doesn’t define me.  I have struggled with infertility and pregnancy loss, that also doesn’t define me.  I am in, what seems like, a never-ending fight with obesity but that doesn’t define me either.  It’s all part of who I am but it is not all that I am.  I’m 31 years old and I’m still getting to know me, so who I am is being being determined day by day.

This blog is a place to collect all the little things that bring me joy, however silly or trivial.  I love whimsical and fanciful things and you will find a lot of that here.  But whatever I choose to post here, I will try my best to always be sure it’s full of joy.  I also have expanded my modest little place here to include my baby who is the greatest joy I have ever known.  This time passes so quickly and I felt it was important to document it all in whatever way I could.

If you are interested in reading about the less gleeful aspects of my life please visit my other blog:  My Mount Everest. There I focus more on my weight loss and that tricksy self-doubt that likes to derail me so.  When I do post you will find the honest, raw me there.   But if you’re looking to keep things light by all means hang out with me here among the Leaves & Branches!

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My weight loss blog.  Here I write about my my seemingly impossible weight loss journey.


This blog is a collection of posts containing the novelizations of various gaming sessions from a campaign I ran  for World of Darkness (see I told you I was a huge geek.)

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